In true Deadpool fashion, the antihero took over his own Honest Trailer for Deadpool 2

About 30 seconds into the clip, Deadpool/Wade Wilson shows up, much to the surprise of the narrator. "Let me guess where you're going with this: 'In a world where blah blah Disney blah blah T.J. Miller blah blah blah pretending to give a shit about Shatterstar'," he guesses, which the narrator must admit is "pretty much what we were gonna say." Watch it below. 

But Deadpool doesn't stop there. He not only crashed the Honest Trailer for Deadpool 2, he also decides to troll Honest Trailer with an Honest Trailer about their Honest Trailers.

"From whatever internet company owns them this week, comes a YouTube format that's been chugging along for six fucking years. Even though everyone knows, they peaked in Frozen," he says, showing the 30 million views on the clip. "Think it's time to let it go man."

He continues: "In a world where comic book movies are actually fucking great these days. Well most of them," he says before a clip of Green Lantern comes up. "Watch these nerds find one logic gap and pretend like it ruined the whole movie." He also throws in a shameless plug after he flames commenters who ask Honest Trailers to cover a film that's still in the theaters unlike Deadpool 2, which is out on Blu-ray now. But even Deadpool had to give up when he heard Honest Trailers was nominated for three Emmy Awards. Not too bad.

Check out the hilarious clip above.