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Twitter is both a cursed place that features a taste of all that is bad in the world, and a blessed platform that allows us to be entertained constantly. It serves as the perfect place to turn your brain off for a few minutes (or hours), and, while brimming with a plentiful amount of its own trash, the site has thankfully avoided most of the normie plague that has overrun Facebook.

Having social media accounts is a prerequisite for fame in this day and age, and thus, the market for celebrity Twitter has become extremely saturated. For every golden Vince Staples tweet, you get 15 more terrible ones from Russ. Twitter has exerted just a passable amount of effort in removing plagiarizers and a minimal amount at removing Nazis, so it’s naturally easy for the art to get lost in the clutter.

The network exists in a duality, one where bad can be good and the good can be cut down in seconds by the bad. It’s why plenty of top names are leaving the platform and why, especially now, the sources of light within it need to be highlighted.

In an effort to cull through the mess, we’ve gone ahead and put together a list of the best rappers to follow on Twitter, from Earl Sweatshirt to Cardi B to Gucci Mane and everybody in between. We placed importance on originality, impact and above all, humor, filtering out as much of the faux-inspirational nonsense that most artists like to put out into the world as we could, as well as the multitude of accounts that exist only to serve as PR mouthpieces.  

So go ahead, take a break from nonstop animal pictures and parody accounts that most likely stole those tweets anyway, and take a look through our list of 20 rappers who actually are good at Twitter.