Sacha Baron Cohen has duped yet another former member of the government as he prepares to release his new Showtime television show Who Is America?

After Cohen dressed up as a disabled U.S. veteran with a fake wheelchair to punk Sarah Palin, former GOP congressman Joe Walsh shared his own strange encounter with the comedian. In summary, he’s not happy. The radio show host is now calling for a boycott of Showtime, after Cohen’s team tricked him into doing an interview for a fake pro-Israel event, as Deadline points out. They allegedly told Walsh he would be receiving an award for “Significant Contributions to the State of Israel.”

Walsh tells his side of the story in the following tweets: 

He did manage to get a free hotel-room out of the deal.

Between this, the Sarah Palin prank, and Dick Cheney signing a waterboarding kit, it'll be interesting to see what exactly we're getting on Cohen’s new show.

Who Is America? airs on Showtime July 15.