Satirizing anthropomorphic pieces of fecal matter is no easy task, but Sacha Baron Cohen appears to have taken on the challenge.

Wednesday, around the time I started realizing I was a bit too smacked off tequila to properly explain why I suddenly wanted to listen to Fastball's 1998 bop "The Way" on repeat, Cohen tweeted out a video teasing some sort of Trump-related mockery he's been working on.

The clip opens with footage of Trump managing to string some words together in a vaguely coherent fashion, though the content of what he's saying—even for those unfamiliar with Cohen and Trump's history—is null. The premise of Cohen’s mystery project seems to hinge on Trump once telling the globally successful comedian to "go to school [and] learn about being funny," with the Trump University logo appearing just before the clip's end.

Interestingly, one of the first replies to Cohen's clip comes from Pamela Anderson, who previously appeared as herself in Cohen's Borat! Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.

Way back in 2003, Cohen interviewed Trump while in character as Ali G. Trump, as expected, later tried to get away with a lie about being "the only person' to have ever immediately walked out of a Da Ali G Show interview. As the footage below makes quite clear, that's patently false. In fact, Cohen later explained, Trump actually didn't catch on to the joke for seven whole minutes. "Quite a long time," he said.