Netflix is back with another trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist.

This time around, Danny Rand is walking around with Colleen Wing while having flashbacks. One of the flashbacks hint at his comic book costume with the classic yellow mask that didn't appear in the first season. "It's just a bad memory," he tells Colleen after recalling a particularly bloody fight.

Iron Fist's season one came with lackluster reviews. This coupled with the fact that some fans wanted an Asian-American actor to portray the character didn't help either. But now, Iron Fist's season two is coming with a new showrunner, Raven Metzner (Sleepy Hollow), who might win over some fans in the upcoming season.

"Raven’s love of all things Iron Fist and his extensive knowledge of martial arts films made him the perfect choice to continue telling the adventures of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing," said Marvel TV executive Jeph Loeb in a statement last year.

Rand also had a favorable cameo in Marvel's Luke Cage's recently released second season. While the Hand is seemingly defeated, Iron Fist will be facing off a new villain, Alice Eve's Typhoid Mary. Sacha Dhawan's Davos is also slated to return. Simone Missick's Misty Knight is also slated to make an appearance, which will hopefully bring us closer to the Dragons of the Daughter spinoff.

Marvel's Iron Fist is slated to drop on Netflix on Sept. 7. Like all the previous Marvel/Netflix shows, we can except all of the episodes to drop at once.