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As we approach the fourth season of Better Call Saul, showrunner Vince Gilligan has dropped some exciting news for fans of the hit AMC spinoff: expect some Breaking Bad–era storylines.

“We have a subplot that very squarely gets into Breaking Bad territory and brings us into the world—or at least points us on a path toward the world of Walter White and the territory of Walter White,” co-creator Gilligan told Entertainment Weekly. “I can’t wait for folks to see that.”

The spinoff Better Call Saul has had no trouble standing on its own for the past several years; however, as a show that tends to oscillate between the past and present, many viewers have been holding their collective breath for the return of Breaking Bad’s main characters, Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Now that the series’ co-creator has confirmed the universes will soon collide, die-hard fans may finally get their wish.

“I picture two giant circles moving together, converging into an ever-largening Venn diagram, and that Venn diagram represents the overlap between Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul,” Gilligan explained. “That area of overlap is getting larger and larger.”

Gilligan did not reveal specifics of the upcoming subplots, so it’s unclear which—if any—Breaking Bad characters will make a cameo. The crossover news arrives less than a month after Better Call Saul's lead actor, Bob Odenkirk, revealed the upcoming season would include a “very important character from the Breaking Bad era.” Needless to say, audiences are pumped.

Season four of Better Call Saul will premiere Aug. 6 on AMC.

In conjunction with Breaking Bad’s 10-year anniversary, Cranston and Paul reunited in a campaign video for fundraising platform Omaze. The comedy short finds the actors inside the iconic Breaking Bad meth camper, where Cranston has seemingly spent the past five years waiting for the show’s revival: “Breaking Bad is gonna be rebooted? Oh yes!" he shouts. “It'll be just like Roseanne, only without the racism.”

The video was released to promote an Omaze fundraiser for the Kind Campaign and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. You can learn more about the fundraiser in the video above or right here. One lucky winner will be flown to Los Angeles to cook some breakfast in the Breaking Bad RV.