According to YBN Almighty Jay, he and Blac Chyna have ended their relationship. Tuesday evening, the rapper wrote on his Instagram story, "@blacchyna and I are no longer together."

Pretty harsh of him to actually tag her in the post, huh? Anyway, this comes a month after Jay first hinted that his Christian Mingle romance with Blac Chyna was coming to an end, writing "I cut her off" and "I'm a free man" in the comments of an Instagram Live session.

The couple's relationship has made up for its short duration with plenty of headlines. In April, the 18-year-old rapper posted a photo of his 30-year-old girlfriend with the question, "Will You Marry Me?" Then, more recently, rumors started flying that Chyna was pregnant, before she squashed them by sharing pictures of her flat stomach.

It seems their Instagram-fueled relationship really might be over, though. A scroll through Almighty Jay's Instagram page shows he's deleted all photos of Blac Chyna, and his face is nowhere to be found on her account, either.

Love is dead.