Jackie Chan is a cinema legend who introduced the world to martial arts and an onscreen persona so charming and engaging it could make Charlie Chaplin frantically call his agent. The man just turned 64, and get ready—has a stunning 138 acting credits on his résumé. Following an impressive dramatic performance in The Foreigner, Chan is about to fight “the world’s first super-bio warrior” on top of the Sydney Opera House—the first fight scene in history to be shot there, as reported in GQ

According to Entertainment Weekly, the premise revolves around Hong Kong police inspector Lin’s mission to contain a bio-tech-infused villain named Andre who wants to spread the pain of his involuntary lab experiment nature across the planet. In order to do so, he needs to track down Lin’s daughter and reclaim her mechanical heart, which would allow him to create a techno-army. On top of that, this movie is Rated R, meaning no punches pulled in terms of violence. I know, this is the stuff dreams are made of.

While global icons like Chan—though, let’s be clear, there’s no one quite like him—could rightfully sit on their laurels and coast on their past achievements for the rest of their lives, Chan is cranking them out with a vigor and energy only reserved for a younger version of himself. To be clear, his stunt work and action choreography here isn’t quite on par with those found in extraordinary classics like The Legend of Drunken Master, but feel free to try some of the things you just watched above when you’re 64 years old.

Bleeding Steel will be released in theaters and on demand on July 6. Hopefully, audiences cling on to this project, so that we may live in a world where Jackie Chan can continue to make R-rated sci-fi action movies like this for the rest of his career, with an occasional drama thrown in to round things out.