For somewhat obvious reasons, a huge double-decker bus that exploded on a bridge in the middle of London over the weekend both perplexed and angered the general public. Though the spectacle was merely one of presumably many stunts included in a currently-in-production Jackie Chan movie, multiple witnesses were less-than-enthused:

The faux explosion took place on Lambeth Bridge during filming for an action romp currently known as The Foreigner, Mashable reports. With a fire crew nearby in case of emergency and all impacted roads closed, the stunt seemed poised for success. However, several witnesses claim they were unaware of any such action movie and thought the bus was actually exploding:

The London Fire Brigade reportedly notified nearby residents via Twitter and other outlets, with VICE noting that the 211 bus doesn't even cross the Lambeth Bridge during its usual route and would have thus served as another clue of its potential movie stunt status. The Foreigner, which also stars former James Bond Pierce Brosnan, is currently set for release later this year.