This morning, Netflix kicked our week off in high gear with the official trailer for season two of Luke Cage. It featured Luke kicking ass and speaking directly to the villains on the streets of Harlem, letting them know that he's hard to kill and won't back down. On the flipside, we're introduced to a mysterious new antagonist who goes by the name of Bushmaster and hands Luke his ass on a silver platter. Bushmaster's here to take over Harlem and, based on his ability to make Luke bleed with one devastating blow, it appears he has the tools to do so.

But who is this "Bushmaster," though? If he can go toe to toe with Luke then he has to be super-powered, which means he has a one-up on last season's excellent big bad Cottonmouth. And he doesn't appear to need fancy gadgetry (hell, he was even deflecting bullets like Luke does), which puts him miles ahead of last season's weakass secondary villain Diamondback. Despite his brief camera time in the trailer, it's clear that Bushmaster is easily the toughest person Luke has ever faced.

With season two of Luke Cage set to drop on June 22, you have enough time to bone up on the first season and get acquainted with Bushmaster. We can't help you with the former (we don't know your life like that), but we can damn sure help you with the latter. Here's a quick look at Bushmaster, the big bad from season two of Luke Cage.