In Mariah Carey’s Twitter bio, her location is tagged as “Citizen of the World Dahhhling.” It’s likely the most humble statement she could fathom, but it’s still a flex—because Mariah, sweet children, is a queen. She is a diva. She is the queen diva. And we have no choice but to address her as such. She knows her worth and encourages women everywhere to know their own, and she inspires us by inspiring herself. A true legend. 

Over the weekend, Mariah broke the internet with one simple tweet. Some were taken by complete surprise that Mariah, the Elusive Chanteuse, had the ability to make a funny online. But if you've been paying attention to Mariah, you know she loves to crack jokes—and half the time, it's at her own expense. If you're unfamiliar with Mariah's sense of humor, fret not: we have you covered.