A new play on knife crime and its victims comes to London this May.

Fox Hunting, which opens at London's Courtyard Theatre from May 1, is based around real anonymous transcripts, of both perpetrators and victims to knife crime. Last year saw over 40,000 recorded knife crime offences, and 80 fatalities with 2018's numbers rising at an alarming rate. Described as being raw, sobering and informative—as well as exciting, humourous and charming—the play sees five young boys figure out their path whilst still caught within the damaging haze of a hunt or be hunted mentality.

Writer of the play, David Alade said: "I wrote this piece because I feel that the media, the police or whoever is focusing on the issues of knife crime are only aware of the stereotype. Knife crime cannot be blamed on a 'type of person'; it's an emotion. It's fear and it's also anger. People carry knives because of the belief that something may happen to them. People also carry knives because of the stirring of anger leading them to want to do harm unto someone. These people can be anyone: from a typical gang member to a university student. That's what Fox Hunting highlights and one of the main reasons I sought to tell these stories."

For tickets and more information, head here.