Most cartoons aren't meant to be creepy, but freeze frame screen grabs tend to reveal some scary truths about the characters we know so well. Yesterday, Twitter user @butchcoded found a few stills of various characters from The Simpsons facing directly forward, a position the characters are rarely drawn in on the show and for good reason. "Is there anything more cursed than front facing Simpsons characters," the user wrote in the post's caption. Who needs the annual Treehouse of Horrors Halloween specials when we have this?

If anything, it made everyone more aware of just how often we see these characters from literally every other angle but straight on, kind of like how you never notice someone doesn't have eyebrows until it's pointed out. Think about it. Its rarity, and likelihood that these were pretty quick and easily missed frames before the characters turn to face some other direction, lead to some pretty confused reactions.

Others, not satisfied with the general awfulness of the first three images, added their own terrifying finds to the mix.

Thanks to Twitter, it will definitely be hard to watch The Simpsons the same way ever again.