Kim Kardashian West has one less thing to worry about, at least legally speaking. The Queen of Social Media has officially settled with SnapLight in a lawsuit over illuminated phone cases, according to TMZ.

Kim's company Kimsaprincess, Inc., was sued by SnapLight for $100 million in July 2017 for promoting an illuminated smartphone case by the brand LuMee. SnapLight claimed that LuMee ripped off their technology to develop phone cases that assist in taking selfies with ideal lighting. Kimsaprincess, Inc. and SnapLight filed necessary documents to have the case thrown out of court. The suit cannot be filed again according to the documents. There have been no reports as to whether or not there was actually an exchange of money involved in this settlement.

The LuMee phone case was Kim's go-to accessory for its integrated lighting system developed to improve the quality and appearance of the selfie. Hooshmand Harooni, the inventor of this system, claimed to have patented the case and licensed the design to SnapLight back in 2013. Harooni and SnapLight said that LuMee copied this idea. They claimed that using an endorsement deal with Kim, the "queen of selfies," gave the company an unfair advantage. 

Kim is reportedly thrilled for this lawsuit to finally be behind her. LuMee and SnapLight just settled another lawsuit of a similar relationship, but not involving Kim.