There are fewer things the Internet loves more than a good meme. So, it’s no surprise that meme-makers everywhere were keeping their eyes open during Sunday’s Academy Awards for content. Alas, their viral wishes were granted by actress and Oscar presenter Jennifer Garner and her bewildered expression after Eddie Vedder’s musical performance.

Garner introduced Vedder, who proceeded to deliver a moving rendition Tom Petty’s “Room at the Top” during the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” segment. As celebrities applauded Vedder’s performance, the camera paused on Garner—back in her seat next to actor Chris Messina now—clapping along with the rest of the audience, when suddenly her expression went from normal to what may be best described as existential confusion.

Naturally, people on Twitter seized the moment, attempting to guess what exactly was going through Garner's mind. Personally, I think Garner just realized how impossibly good she looked in that blue dress. That, or she just realized that she married her future ex-husband Ben Affleck AFTER Gigli. Ugh.