In June of 2017, Warner Bros. proved that their DC Extended Universe wasn't a total fail by releasing Wonder Woman, which not only became a critical darling but also broke loads of records at the box office. Directed by Patty Jenkins, it proved that a superhero film led by a strong woman could do just as well as any male-led superhero extravaganza.

It wasn't a surprise that DC made sure to extend Gal Gadot's contract to play Wonder Woman so they could usher in Wonder Woman 2 in 2019. Shooting is set to begin this summer, but little has been shared in the way of plot information on the film, aside from confirmation of its villain: Cheetah. She has spent decades in the pages of the comics sinking her claws into Wonder Woman's reputation, so of course she'd be featured in the second installment in what could arguably be DC's current best franchise.

As these superhero films soldier on, we know that more people who aren't familiar with the comics will be attending. And while you can go in without that knowledge and enjoy a film, it does help to have a sense of what the movie is based on, even if it's to flex on your squad and sound like the comic book nerd we know you're dying to be. Whatever your situation is, here's a quick explainer on the villain who will be giving Wonder Woman a run for her money in Wonder Woman 2.