Every superhero movie ever seems to premiere an exciting new trailer during the Super Bowl, but last night 20th Century Fox decided against unleashing a new spot for Deadpool 2. It's one of the most anticipated films of the year, with the first film shattering a number of records, so it seemed a bit strange. Trailers for the new Jurassic World and Avengers flicks both played during the game, but the marketing team behind Deadpool decided to do something different.

Instead of going for a short spot highlighting the humor or action in movie, Fox got Deadpool himself (no, not actually Ryan Reynolds) to tweet about the Super Bowl in real time. It didn't take long for things to get foulmouthed, either, as he started the session with, "Remember that time I was wrist-deep in cocoa butter and Fox called to say they were too cheap to buy a spot in the big game then told me I had to live tweet it?"

Fans were eager for a new trailer, but the account didn't let up with the commentary on the game, which often took a sharp turn.

Of course, whoever was behind the tweets embodied the character perfectly, and offered some pretty funny comments about some of the night's best (and worst) moments.

Deadpool doesn't play by the rules, clearly, so this marketing campaign is a success even if it didn't end with a new trailer. It's likely we'll be seeing more from the film soon, as its release date is rapidly approaching. Deadpool 2 is in cinemas May 18.