While playing games the good and honest way is fine, we all know winning is better no matter what it takes. For viral app HQ Trivia, there's a whole new way to make sure you don't lose in the form of program-turned-webpage HQuack, according to The Outline.

Earlier this week, we reported on a bot from a Canadian developer that helps you get around the game's pesky rules by showing you the most likely answer to almost any HQ Trivia question. HQuack isn't much different in terms of output, but it's a stand-alone website as opposed to code that literally hacks the game's back end.

HQuack, developed by New York-based designer Jake Mor with assistance from Jonathan Nassimi, works alongside the game by immediately searching the question on Google within seconds of it showing up on your phone. It pulls information from the results and highlights the most probable response in neon green. Since it's a concept based on rapid-fire searching, one could argue that it isn't technically wrong since HQ Trivia's developers don't consider Googling to be cheating. But that's up to you and your conscience. 

“It’s crazy how well it works,” Mor told Outline. “It’s a pretty naive approach, but it works like eight out of twelve or nine out of twelve times per game.” The app boasts an 82 percent accuracy rate, but be forewarned answers to wordier questions might not pan out since, like most pieces of technology, it isn't without its flaws.

Originally, Mor only meant to use the website amongst friends until one day he checked the analytics for the page and saw it amassing thousands of unique views per week. 

Whether you use a bot, a website, or just a friend who's smarter than you, those HQ Trivia bragging rights—and prize money—​are still yours to keep.