During these troubled times, it's important to remember to appreciate the little things in life. Lauren May gets that. A video has been going around of the San Francisco woman learning she won $11.30 on the Jeopardy-like app HQ Trivia—an accomplishment she's clearly proud of, to make a massive understatement. 

The video shows her going through several emotional stages: First, she sobs in anticipation of a possible loss. Then, she jumps up screaming and rolls around on the ground, where she sobs before getting up and yelling "Oh my God!" repeatedly. 

"I think once my friends saw me crying when they thought I lost, they knew it would be a good idea to film," she told Yahoo. "Though always genuine, my reactions to most things are ridiculous. We only got one life to live—gotta enjoy it and ham it up! But yes, I’m obviously mortified this video is going viral."

People are loving her enthusiasm, but they also just kind of want to make sure she's OK.

Sparking further concerns about her health, she then posted her reaction to hearing from HQ Trivia host Scott Rogowsky, who crowned her "HQtie of the Year" on Twitter. 

We could all take a lesson from Lauren: no victory is too small to celebrate.