Millie Bobby Brown is an award-winning actress and the star of one of Netflix’s most successful shows, but in November she fulfilled every teenage girl’s real dream: she met Drake. On the red carpet during the SAG Awards, in the video above, Brown revealed what it was like to meet her the rapper backstage during one of his shows.

Drake, a former child star himself, invited the actress and her family to his dressing room so the two could mutually fan girl. While Millie was over the moon to meet Drizzy IRL, it seems like Drake was just as excited to meet the Stranger Things star who plays Eleven.

"Drake is my man!" she exclaims. "I love Drake! He's amazing. ... This moment was amazing. I was in his dressing room with my whole family. He invited me to the show and was I like, 'Just wanna say hi!' and I was like, 'Oh, my god.' He was having a fangirl moment. Or a fanboy moment. I was having a fangirl moment. A whole moment. And I'll never forget it. It was a Drake moment."

Drake has been making moves in the film industry and is currently working on bringing a Top Boy reboot to Netflix. Perhaps Drake will recruit Millie for one of his upcoming projects, or vice versa. It’d be great to see Aubrey and Eleven working side-by-side on the big screen.

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