Buzz surrounding Oprah running for president is now at an all-time high. After giving an inspiring speech at Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, people immediately looked to her to save us from the Trump Administration.

It turns out lots of people also think the media mogul and former daytime talk show host has what it takes to topple the Trump cabinet. Popular Instagram meme accounts Pizzaslime and Fuckjerry have teamed up for a merch collab that will now allow you to prepare for Oprah 2020.

The capsule contains dad hats, tees, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies, available in three colorways. The design on some items is reminiscent of Barack Obama's logo, while other T-shirts are emblazoned with a regal black and white pic of Oprah along with the phrase "A New Day is On the Horizon." Fuckjerry and Pizzaslime probably don't have the rights to use Oprah's image, so get your Oprah 2020 merch while you still can.