Get Out director Jordan Peele didn’t take home a Golden Globe on Sunday, and while the snub is infuriating, it appears the comedian has an even tougher crowd to impress. For Peele, 2017 wasn’t just the year of his hit horror debut, it was also his entrance into fatherhood. The director and his wife, Chelsea Peretti, had their first child back in July. “[He’s] six months, so that means he’s smiling and laughing, which is important,” Peele said on Late Night with Seth Meyers Tuesday.

Meyers asked Peele if his son finds him as funny as the rest of us. Peele revealed that Peretti, also a comedian and an actress on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, is a lot better at making their new baby laugh. “So you know I’m married to Chelsea Peretti, who is a very funny comedian, who is clearly funnier than I because she gets him to laugh. I can't,” Peele admitted. "I don’t know, she has this magic power. It’s tough. It’s tough being married to a hilarious comedian.”

Though Get Out did not win at the Globes, Peele told Meyers he was excited to watch Oprah’s speech. “It was just goose-bumpy. It was legit one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed,” Peele said. “It was beautiful, and it really put the whole thing in perspective. I think her message of empowering people to take a stand and to grab a hold of their own future and destiny was inspiring.”

Peele also revealed his technique of doing Tracy Morgan and Barack Obama impressions while directing to keep the energy on set flowing. Peele is currently producing a show with Tracy Morgan, Tiffany Haddish, and others called The Last OG. Watch his hilarious impressions below.