Star Wars fans may have just discovered major news about the hush-hush Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Lucasfilm has been mum on most details about the franchise's forthcoming film, including not dropping a trailer, leaving character names blank next to the actors and actresses on IMDb, and sharing nearly no imagery. However, a few savvy internet users learned that when you search "Solo: A Star Wars Story runtime" on Google, the all-knowing browser gives the deets—143 minutes. If this is true, it will clock Solo as the second-longest running Star Wars film after December's The Last Jediwhich runs for 155 minutes. 

Unfortunately the same doesn't work searching for "Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer," the drop date of which has been shrouded in countless rumors and secrecy. (It's likely Lucasfilm didn't want to take away from The Last Jedi's shine since it was just released in theaters.) Following Rogue OneSolo is only the second SW film to not take place inside an existing trilogy.

There's still four months left until fans get to see the solo ventures of the "galaxy's greatest scoundrel," known as Han Solo (played by Alden Ehrenreich), as he meets his partner-in-space, Chewbacca and encounters the "notorious gambler" Lando Calrissian (played by Donald Glover). Plenty of time to drop a trailer, right?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to be released in theaters on May 25.

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