Get Out was widely considered one of the best films of 2017, and rightfully so. As the announcement of this year's Oscar nominees draws near, the buzz is palpable for Jordan Peele's directorial debut as a strong contender in multiple categories. Tuesday night, star Daniel Kaluuya made his late-night circuit stop at Stephen Colbert's Late Show to discuss the film's prevailing message and the benefits of breakout fame.

"I feel like what Jordan articulated through his voice, his African American voice and African American perspective, he tapped into a universal black truth navigating the Western world," Kaluuya told Colbert. "Where like, white people say some really weird stuff to you. White people say weird stuff. White people say weird things."

Asked to name examples, Kaluuya revealed an observation he and Peele have made since the film's release. "What Jordan and me have kind of experienced is, like, so he was saying a joke about 'I would've voted for Obama three times,'" he said. "The new version of that is 'I've watched Get Out three times.' So it's like people go, 'Oh, like, I'm so down' or like 'Oh, Steph Curry,' and I'm like 'Yeah.'"

Kaluuya also discussed meeting Denzel Washington and Oprah. "I hugged Oprah," he said. "I'm basically bulletproof . . . My credit's great now." Catch the full interview up top.

Though Get Out was ultimately robbed at this month's Golden Globes, the film—which also stars Allison Williams and Bradley Whitford—has enjoyed well-earned victories at other award ceremonies including the Critics' Choice Movie Awards and the Gotham Independent Film Awards.