50 Cent cranked the hilarity up to 11 for his appearance on Stephen Colbert's Late Show Thursday. Though 50 was in New York to promote his starring role in the upcoming Den of Thieves, he and Colbert spent the bulk of the interview chopping it up about the neo-Nazi-sympathizer-in-chief and the importance of occasionally kicking off a friendly feud for the sake of competition.

"I've met him," said 50 at around the 3:15 mark in the video up top, speaking of Fire and Fury subject Trump. "So much new things have came out about Donald since he's been the president of America. To be honest, I think it was, like, an accident. When something happens by accident, you're not prepared for it. I think he was trying to get a great renegotiation for The Apprentice. He wanted to lose the presidency. He don't want the job. And then when you win, you go, 'What the fuck? So now I gotta be the president?'"

Though 50 recognizes some of the perplexing methods Trump uses to stroke his own ego, he—like all of us—isn't down for the consequences. "You don't bluff with the entire world," he said. "What the fuck? You don't do that. Because he don't want that smoke. We don't want that smoke, like, none of us. We don't want that to take place, but he was like 'Yo, I got a bigger nuclear button than you.' That's like saying, you know, 'I got a bigger johnson than yours.'" By "johnson," of course, 50 meant dick.

Near the end of their discussion, 50 recommended Colbert randomly initiate a beef with fellow TV personality Bobby Flay.

Catch the full interview up top.