Rick and Morty fans are undoubtedly feeling the void that comes after binge watching season 3, knowing season 4 won’t be coming for a long time. But true stans can fill some of that emptiness by diving into other areas of the franchise, including a new comic titled Rick and Morty Presents coming in March 2018. The 40-page quarterly comic will star favorite side characters from this past season.

According to Uproxx, the first issue, Rick and Morty Presents: The Vindicators!, will be out March 7. Inverse says this one-off story “follows the Vindicators superhero team as they travel through time and accidentally create a new villain.”

Though most of the the Vindicators (spoiler alert) died in season 3, the team is alive and well in this comic, with a few new members including Pickle Rick, Scary Terry, and Summer’s imaginary unicorn friend Tinkles. The comic’s publisher, Oni Press, says readers will “gasp in shock and awe as the plot twists and previously irrelevant characters revive the dead,” but also “frown in frustration as [they] forget the complicated backstory of suddenly important mythic items.”

Each of the four issues published next year will be centered around a new story. Krombopulos Michael (issue #2), Sleepy Gary (#3), and Pickle Rick and Jaguar (#4) will be the stars of the next three iterations, released in June, September, and November. Keep tabs on Oni Press to cop the first Rick and Morty Presents issue in March. Until then watch some videos about Mr. Poopybutthole and listen to “Rest and Ricklaxation” on repeat to brighten that Rick and Morty void.