Conspiracy theories and celebrity clapbacks ran rampant in 2017, so perhaps it’s fitting that the calendar year is ending with the queen of such responses taking aim at a member of the tin-foil hats. Saturday found noted Trump puppet Liz Crokin, tweeting the kinds of unfounded conspiracy theories she was known for during her run at the National Enquirer. Crokin dropped some nonsensical tweets about Chrissy Teigen, John Legend and the couple’s daughter Luna, and it got decidedly spicy.

Things actually started back on December 27, when Crokin tweeted, “Chrissy Teigen’s daughter dressed as a hot dog, Alice in Wonderland & a pineapple but note [pizza] emoji #followthewhiterabbit #Quanon #TheStorm.”

That tweet has since been deleted, but Teigen posted a screen capture of it while responding Saturday.

“Alright. I debated saying something about this but I’m pretty disturbed over here,” Teigen wrote. “The fact that there are people with really scary.”

Buried within Crokin’s hashtags and random food references were the type of conspiracy theories one usually finds Homeland character Carrie Mathison mulling over at the corkboard when the merlot kicks in.

In short, Crokin’s initial tweet is linking Legend and Teigen to a child trafficking ring by referencing “Pizzagate.” That would be the non-scandal created from a Reddit thread insinuating that Hillary Clinton and members of the DNC were involved in child trafficking because some of their emails contained references to children, pizza and hot dogs. If you dare venture down the rabbit hole, Crokin and her MAGA cronies also make references to a CIA-sanctioned mind control program that predates Teigen.

Clearly frustrated, Teigen and Legend mentioned taking Crokin to court. That’s when the thread shifted in tone and Crokin slandered Teigen and Legend for allegedly having ties to The Weinstein Company and the Clinton Family. Crokin failed to mention the President she supports is facing similar allegations and proudly backed an Alabama Senate candidate accused of pedophilia

Crokin claims Twitter unverified her during the tweetstorm, and things got so wild Chelsea Clinton weighed in.

Somehow, despite having ties to a nationally published tabloid, Crokin seemed to get caught playing fast and loose with libel laws. It remains to be seen if Teigen and Legend will follow through and turn Crokin’s reckless tweeting into a 2018 court date.

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