Though it’s been more than eight years after his death, Michael Jackson is still bringing in big bucks.

This week, it was announced the King of Pop has, once again, dominated Forbes’ annual list of the top-earning dead celebrities. Jackson reportedly generated $75 million in 2017, making it his fifth consecutive year to lead the list.

According to Forbes, the singer’s earnings were boosted by his recent CBS Halloween special, the Michael Jackson ONE by Cirque du Soleil show, his latest greatest hits album Scream, as well as a stake in the EMI music-publishing catalogue.

Jackson topped the 2016 list with a whopping $825 million.

Golf icon Arnold Palmer came in at No. 2 on this year’s list with $40 million, largely credited to sales of his AriZona lemonade and ice tea beverage that bears his name. Peanuts creator Charles Schulz landed in third place with $38 million, while Elvis Presley and Bob Marley came in at No. 4 and No. 5 with $35 million and $23 million, respectively.

According to Forbes, the list measures pretax income between Oct. 15, 2016 and Oct. 15, 2017. The publication referenced Nielsen SoundScan, IMDB, Pollstar Pro, and celebrity estate experts.

Tom Petty, who died earlier this month, landed at No. 6 with $20 million. He generated most of those earnings from touring dates within the last year.

Prince took the No. 7 slot with $18 million; Dr. Seuss followed with $16 million; John Lennon came in at No. 9 with $12 million; and Albert Einstein rounded out the top 10 with $10 million.

You can check out the top 13 list below. 

Top 13 Highest-Earning Dead Celebrities in 2017
1. Michael Jackson ($75 million)
2. Arnold Palmer ($40 million)
3. Charles Schulz ($38 million)
4. Elvis Presley ($35 million)
5. Bob Marley ($23 million)
6. Tom Petty ($20 million)
7. Prince ($18 million)
8. Dr. Seuss ($16 million)
9. John Lennon ($12 million)
10. Albert Einstein ($10 million)
11. David Bowie ($9.5 million)
12. Elizabeth Taylor ($8 million)
13. Bettie Page ($7.5 million)