Jamie Foxx and Jay Pharoah were on Ellen this week, and they both seized the opportunity to show off their skills at impressions with entertaining results. The two of them played the Impression Game to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Ellen gave them two celebrities and an unlikely situation, and for each impression they completed Cheerios would donate $1,000 to Jamie Foxx’s hurricane relief efforts honoring his home state of Texas.

The impressions were downright hilarious and included ridiculous situations like Obama and Beyoncé at a nude beach, Pharrell Williams and Ryan Seacrest on a haunted hay ride, Oprah and Jay Z selling Girl Scout cookies, and Kanye West buying a used car. The pair did such a good job that even though they only got through four impressions, Cheerios donated $20,000 to Jamie’s relief fund.

The two were on Ellen to promote their new show, White Famous, and have been friends since 2012. “Jamie Foxx turns up all the time. He’s always turnt up,” Jay said of his Oscar-winning pal. Of course, Jay couldn’t resist doing even more impressions of various actors and comedians during their interview, including Kevin Hart and Chris Rock.

White Famous is a new Showtime comedy series based on Jamie Foxx’s life, and will premiere on Oct. 15. The show follows the life of a young, talented African-American comedian as he ascends through the comedy world and deals with the complications of fame. It will star Jay Pharoah, with Jamie Foxx set to direct.