If you saw Dunkirk and said to yourself, "I need something that is a little more intense with some additional in-your-face death scenes," then we strangely have the perfect game for you. The latest trailer for Call of Duty: WWII was released on Monday, less than two weeks before the private beta version is set to drop. Check out the above video to see what happens when you get placed in the middle of a warzone. 

This latest look at the first-person shooter franchise comes nearly one month after unfinished visuals from the "Nazi Zombies Trailer" for COD: WWII was leaked online

The PS4 private beta version will be available for a select few starting on Aug. 25 while Xbox One owners will need to wait until Sept. 1. This beta will give players their first look at the two new multiplayer modes—Divisions and War—announced a few months ago at the Sony E3 conference. 

Fans will be treated to Operation Breakout, part of the War Mode feature, which is set in "an immersive Allied vs. Axis fight across the war-torn village of St. Lo, France." To get a full breakdown of what you can come to expect out of the upcoming beta version, head here

If you can wait long enough, the game will be out on November 3rd.