If you’re a fan of today’s movies, you can throw a rock and hit like 40 different comic book-related projects. And while it’s weird that a number of these series are produced with their comic book counterparts continuing to grow on a monthly basis, there’s a history of movies that were derived from graphic novels, which at their base are more serialized comic book works.

With the money Netflix is funneling into their original programming, there’s no surprised that the long-awaited Hollywood adaptation of Death Note, the wildly-popular manga series-turned-anime dealing with a magical book that grants its owner the ability to kill anyone who’s name is written in it, is premiering on the service this Friday. In a year that’s already featured (shaky) film adaptations of Valerian AND Ghost In the Shell, it’s high time we take a look at the absolute best movies that got their start as graphic novels. And who knows, maybe you might find out that your favorite film is also just as dope when you read it.