Last July, 50 Cent announced on Instagram that he was producing a television show on the Black Mafia Family. Since then, we haven't heard much about the TV series that was going to tell the story of Demetrius, a.k.a. Big Meech, and his brother Terry Flenory, who founded a drug trafficking organization in the late 1980s that spread to multiple cities across the country. The two tried going legit by using their money to create BMF Entertainment, which at one point, represented Jeezy. The Flenory brothers were convicted under the Continuing Criminal Enterprise statute and sentenced to 30 years in prison.

One month after his initial announcement, 50 posted a handwritten letter that he received from Big Meech in prison, granting him permission to go ahead with the show.

Earlier today, 50 gave us an update on the show by posting a video of a car that had bricks stashed underneath the seats. 

50 provided some additional information on the show's progress in the comments section, claiming that the writers have already signed on, and are currently communicating with BMF to collect information regarding their story. And of course, Fif had to add that he believes this show can "top Power."