Jaden Smith is preparing to film the upcoming tearjerker Life In A Year, about (you guessed it) a teenage boy in love with a terminally ill girl. Smith stars as the lead, alongside Cara Delevingne, Terrence Howard, Nia Long, and RZA.

In addition to learning his lines, Smith also needed to change his look from bleached-blond dreadlocks to something a little more conventional. So he enlisted one of the film's producers, who also happens to be his dad, in getting the proper look. Will Smith documented the resulting dramatic haircut on his Facebook page.

People spotted a fan in Toronto who captured a photo on set with Will, and an accompanying one with Jaden's new look.

Life In A Year will be directed by Mitja Okorn, best known for Polish romantic comedies like Letters to Santa. The script is by Jeffrey Addiss and Will Matthews.