Out now on Netflix is Burning Sands, a film that takes a long hard look at the intense hazing that goes on in black fraternities. To support the film, star Trevor Jackson, who was also featured in the dynamic second season of ABC's American Crime, graced our Facebook Live couch to chat with the Keeping Up With Kulture squad.

Having just watched the movie, I wanted to make sure Trevor's ribs were OK; I mean, of course they were, but hear him tell it, he might've actually gotten hurt...and it would've been his fault. Trevor said that shooting the movie was "fun," which sounds wild, but his reasoning is that because "we get to be ourselves all of the time," he likes to take on roles with a little bit of "craziness" in them. "I would tell the actors, 'yo, hit me, bruh.'" He did let us know that he had to tell Christian Robinson (who played Big Country) to lay off a little bit.

Jackson revealed to us that one of the reasons he took the Burning Sands role was that he "loved the way that it shows black people." He also credits working on American Crime's second season for getting him back into the world of acting. "I feel in love with acting again, after doing that," he says. "Before that, I was just going to give it up, honestly." Lucky for us, he is now reinvigorated and working on material like Burning Sands.

As of right now, there are no plans for Trevor to show up on any upcoming seasons of the anthology series, but he is getting himself out there, looking for new roles. He's also been working on new music, telling us we might hear some stuff this summer. For our full conversation with Trevor Jackson, check out the Facebook clip up above, and then immediately go watch Burning Sands if you haven't.