If Kim Kardashian is hoping to one day retrieve her four million engagement or the 20-carat emerald sparkler, she could be in luck. As for the remaining $10 million worth of jewelry, it's long gone.

Aomar Ait Khedache, the 60-year-old mastermind behind the armed robbery in Paris last October, informed authorities that much of the jewelry was melted down and sold in Antwerp, Belgium. "We all made the decision to melt them,” Khedache said, per Page Six. "One of the people took care of it."

The man known as "The Old Man" admitted that the other two pieces of jewelry weren't sold because of how recognizable they are. “There is a person who has it,” he told cops. “Everyone was afraid to sell because it’s a stone that’s very easily spotted.”

Khedache admits that attempting the heist, which he referred to as a "very simple affair," would not only come with a huge haul, it would be easy to monitor Kim's whereabouts, thanks to her social media presence. "She specified that she didn’t wear fakes, the schedules when she came to France,” he said. “It was enough to look on the internet to know everything, absolutely everything.”

Back in early January, 16 people were arrested in suspicion of being in connection to the armed robbery involving Kim. Four men identified as "Gary M," "Yunice A," "Florus H," and "Marceau B" are facing a litany of charges, ranging from armed robbery in an organized gang to kidnapping to handling stolen goods.