French police have reportedly arrested 16 people who are suspected to be connected to the robbery involving Kim Kardashian that took place in Paris back in October.

According to a spokesperson for the Paris Prosecutor who spoke with CNN, the people were picked up in Paris and several surrounding suburbs early Monday morning. They have not been officially charged with any crimes and none of the people have been identified yet, but they are expected to be questioned about the alleged roles they played in the robbery. Police reportedly broke the case after finding DNA linked to one of the alleged suspects at the scene of the robbery.

Kardashian was robbed by a group of men who were reportedly disguised as police officers while she was in Paris to attend fashion week shows. According to reports, the men "bound and gagged" Kardashian and locked her inside of a bathroom before taking an estimated $10 million worth of jewelry and fleeing the scene.

Kardashian spoke about the robbery for the first time recently while filming for her hit reality TV show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. "They’re gonna shoot me in the back," she said while speaking about the terrifying incident. "There’s no way out. It makes me so upset to think about it."

TMZ reports that, under French law, police now have 96 hours to question the people they arrested in connection with the robbery before either charging or releasing them.

Kardashian is yet to respond to the news about the arrests, but seeing as how she just rejoined Instagram last week and started actively using social media again, it shouldn’t be long before she reacts to it. She is expected to identify the suspects through a video feed from New York sometime soon.