To say today’s political landscape is “charged” is like saying Messi is “good” at soccer. Whether you’re into politics or not, there’s no dodging the constant shock waves of our current political climate. So go90—in conjunction with Complex—has created a show that takes the piss out of the campaign trails. It's definitely something we can’t help but pay attention to. 

Serving as producer, former Fox turned NBC News journalist, Megyn Kelly, delivers a brand new comedy series, EmbedsFrom correspondents having sex on campaign buses to campaign mangers dropping F-bombs as frequently as poll numbers, Embeds is as politically incorrect as it gets, and for once, we’re ready to laugh at it all. Don't just take our word for it, check out the latest episode above. 

So if you’re sick and tired of the news, memes and Facebook statues, visit go90 and try laughing at all of the political drama around you.