The Walking Dead isn’t flatlining yet, but its ratings sure could be better. This Sunday’s lackluster midseason finale for the show’s seventh season didn’t help it’s falling ratings. Last month The Walking Dead's ratings reportedly fell to numbers last seen in season three, before the show became the ratings juggernaut we would all come to know and love.

Vulture reported the seventh midseason finale scored 10.6 million same day viewers, down from the season six midseason finale, when 14 million viewers tuned in. Numbers were also down from TWD’s season seven premiere when 17 million viewers, matching the series’ ratings records, tuned in to see who Negan had whacked (pun intended). Many viewers stopped watching the show altogether after Glenn’s death (Sorry Abraham).

I said if they killed Glenn off the walking dead I would stop watching so

— apple (@Domslickk) December 13, 2016

Remember when I said if they ever did anything to Glenn or Maggie I would stop watching The Walking Dead? This is pretty much holding true.

— MJ (@mj_starchilde) December 4, 2016

Im sitting here locked out of my head in palace and all I can think about is how upset I am about the Walking Dead without Glenn

— // JORDAN // (@Centerfxld) December 4, 2016

glenn was literally the sweetest cutest person on the walking dead by killing him off the show they pretty much killed the show

— mistletoe ho 🎄 (@_dmorea) December 2, 2016

Viewership numbers stayed about the same throughout the first half of season seven. Episode 5 of season 7, for instance, got a about 11 million viewers. Sunday’s numbers, it should be noted, aren’t set in stone— they are expected to rise as much as 40 to 50 percent when numbers for DVR viewings roll in.

It’s not all bad news. While TWD’s 25 to 54 audience has decreased nine percent from last fall, it’s faring just as well as other long running shows like Criminal Minds and NCIS, which saw a 15 percent and 13 percent decrease in audiences respectively.

The Walking Dead isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, having already being renewed for another season and possibly a movie down the line. With the back half of season seven coming in February, it's certainly possible that TWD’s ratings could come back from the dead.