The best way to handle dating rumors? That's easy: Just hit up Nobu together. Kendall Jenner and ASAP Rocky, who've been battling dating rumors since at least July, got snapped by TMZ while doing exactly that Sunday night. So what's up? Nobu. Sushi. Photographers. Are Kendall and ASAP officially (for real this time) a thing?

According to E! News' far more detailed report, the answer is a firm kinda. Though the two are reportedly "dating," the E! team would like us all to know that the relationship isn't exclusive. "Kendall is seeing a few people, and she's not exclusive with anyone at the moment," an "insider" claimed. "She's been going back and forth for a while with both Jordan [Clarkson] and ASAP Rocky."


Rocking the exclusive lifestyle, however, isn't entirely out of the question in the alleged couple's future. "They've been on and off for close to a year but have been hanging out with each other more lately," this “insider” explained. "She likes him, and he likes her. She is open to date him exclusively."


The last time we heard anything about the rise of ASAP x Jenner, Us Weekly was making claims of this being the "real deal." In a report back in August, a source told the publication that the two were "full-on dating," whatever the hell that means. So, aside from "sources" and "insiders," we really don't know anything.