James Franco and Bryan Cranston are doing their part in our thrilling war against Xmas this year by delivering Why Him, a raunch-laden comedy depicting the growing tensions between a dad and his prospective future son-in-law. The movie, based on a story co-penned by Jonah Hill and also starring Megan Mullally, technically isn't out for a few more weeks. But thanks to HBO, we have the next best thing: Franco and Cranston answering a bunch of inane questions in front of a rolling camera.

During a calm and well-mannered round of "This or That," the actors (one of whom appears to be in the beginning stages of a full-on mullet, a bold move I fully endorse) open up about cock rings, dick piercings, and the deep AF themes at the heart of their new movie. When Franco asked Cranston to choose between rocking a nipple ring or rocking a cock ring, for example, Cranston had a quick response.

"Oh man," Cranston said. "Total cock ring. My nipples are way too sensitive. Just, boom, put a bolt through that thing." Franco, who clearly intended the "cock ring" in his initial inquiry as a reference to the sort of ring one might wear to slow blood flow, asked for clarification. "Oh, so you're going for the cock pierce?" he asked. "Oh yeah," Cranston confirmed. "And the ring!"

Just don't expect Cranston to be as open-minded about penis piercings when it comes to potential son-in-law picks for his own family. "That's a no-go," Cranston told Franco.

At any rate, Why Him hits theaters Dec. 23.