It wouldn’t surprise us if Emma Stone was genetically engineered in a lab dedicated to designing the perfect Saturday Night Live host. On Saturday’s episode, which marked Stone’s third hosting, the actress displayed her vast arsenal of weapons in a diverse group of sketches designed specifically to showcase Stone’s impressive skill set. Everyone knows that Stone can sing—and if you don’t, you will, when La La Land hits theaters later this month—so it’s no surprise that SNL would take advantage of their host’s impressive voice. 

In keeping with tradition, the show dropped another Christmas song, and though it won’t rival classics like “Dick in a Box” or “Santa’s My Boyfriend” in online ubiquity, this ode to Christmas candles was definitely one of the episode's highlights. Stone was joined by Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon for a song about a peach candle that’s re-gifted throughout the holidays. They also warned against the underhanded tactic of adding another cheap gift to go along with the candle. “A lot of people think two gifts are better than one, but that just makes each gift seem smaller and dumb,” Bryant sings.

Stone also appeared in a commercial for Fisher-Price’s Sensitive Boy toy line, which offers toy wells to morose boys who’d rather contemplate the nature of their existence than throw football around. Stone wins “Mother of The Year” for her turn as the supportive mom, who at one point asks her son if he wants to watch Y Tu Mama Tambien.

SNL also brought back its popular high school theater sketch, and Stone looked totally in her zone on stage performing for a bunch of parents. Something tells us she’s done this before. Once again, the keener drama nerds tried their best to make the show relevant by tackling the issues of the day. “Love my AIDS! I’m glad I have AIDS, and I wish everyone in the world had AIDS, because frankly, AIDS rocks!” Aidy Bryant’s character exclaims. Lin-Manuel Miranda, these kids are not. Watch the clip below, and the rest above.