A reporter from the Atlantic recently read through the last three years of complaints received by the Federal Communications Commission about Saturday Night Live — about 100 in all — and found that some people are still upset about the "Dick in a Box" skit. The classic song-and-dance starring Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake first aired in 2006 — which means some people (the kind of people who still write in the FCC with their gripes) have been holding on that hurt for nearly ten years now.

Their reasons were varied: some objected to the fact the dick-in-a-box served as a Christmas present, others were just upset about Justin Timberlake. For example, one person wrote, "It was not funny and it was beyond vulgar. The segment even includes Justin Timberlake whom was involved in the Janet Jackson superbowl stunt."

Ouch! What a memory, this guy. The person also described the video as "a profane attempt at humour." Shots fired, all around!

Still, the "Dick in a Box" skit isn't that bad — the most offensive skit seems to be "Djesus Uncrossed," a parody of Django Unchained featuring a vengeful Jesus and a lot of bloodshed. The FCC received the most complaints about that skit — meaning, about two dozen. They should try joining Twitter.