Listen up, Illuminati conspiracy theorists. This new ABC series from Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg isn't proof of the mysterious group's existence or its alleged influence on world events. Or is it? Deadline reported Tuesday that Rogen and Goldberg's Point Grey Picture had landed a script commitment deal for a new Illuminati-centered comedy series, which totally sounds like something of which the Illuminati would approve.

The project, which will be penned and executive produced by The Inbetweeners showrunner and Life In Pieces writer Brad Copeland, details the presumably hilarious complications of a young married couple. The catch? One of them is a member of the Illuminati, making the couple's attempts at rocking a normal-ass suburban life far more difficult than I suppose it is for non-Illuminati married couples.

For anyone with either an encyclopedic knowledge of Rogen's Twitter account or a cursory understanding of how Google works, this Illuminati come-up should come as no surprise. Way back in October 2015, Rogen presumably blew conspiracy theorist Mark Dice's mind by confirming that life inside the Illuminati is treating him pretty well:

Rogen and Goldberg also landed a deal with Fox by way of Sony Pictures TV, bringing a "superhero sidekick-themed" project to life with some help from Lemmings' Mike Rosolio. Both of these shows sound fucking great to me, but let's not lose sight of the real goal right now: securing that well-earned Oscar for Sausage Party.

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