When an animated film about talking food manages to pull off a chaotic orgy sequence and an impressive allegory on the pitfalls of religion in under two hours, you hand that movie an Oscar. You know this. I know this. Sony knows this. We all know this. That's why studio bosses are stoked to kick off a "full-on awards campaign" for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg's Sausage Party.

"Academy members are way smarter and more forward-thinking than people realize," Tom Rothman, the head of Sony Pictures, told the Hollywood Reporter this week. "They want to recognize bold, original, risky breakthroughs, and that's what Sausage Party is, however subversive. Plus, it's just plain cool."

Though only one other R-rated animated feature (Anomalisa) has ever been nominated for an Oscar, Sony seems confident that voters will respond to Sausage Party with the same generally favorable vibes that critics and audiences did upon the film's release in August. Sony is currently planning screenings, sending mailers, and whipping up ads to fuel the awards fire. Rogen will also reportedly be doing some campaigning on his own.

The biggest aspects of the push are being reserved for that coveted Best Animated Feature nom, but Sony is also eyeing other possibilities. "The Great Beyond," an original Sausage Party song featuring music by Disney legend Alan Menken, will also be presented for honors of the musical variety. 

If all this seems a tad unlikely, just remember: South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut scored a seemingly unlikely Oscar nomination with "Blame Canada" back in 1999 before ultimately losing to the god Phil Collins. With no Collins tracks or related competition in their way, the Sausage Party team may very well clinch an Oscar next January.