Though the fact that we're turning to fictional characters for solace in light of an impending Apprentice presidency kinda speaks volumes about where our heads are at right now, seeing Elliot Anderson weigh in does pack a needed punch. Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail shared a "leaked" page from a season 3 script Friday in which Rami Malek's character is asked to name which aspect of society disappoints him. The answer, fittingly, is the exact same answer many would give at this moment:

The purported season 3 excerpt is a callback to Elliot's previous conversation with Krista, though the season 1 conversation had a less specific answer:

Esmail has been vocal about his disapproval of the President-elect, both before and after this week's protest-inspiring election. By Esmail's estimations, "the Far Stupid" of this country are responsible for what is shaping up to be a very trying time for the majority of Americans in 2017:

For the uninitiated, Mr. Robot centers on hacker Elliot Alderson and a group of hacktivists known only as fsociety. The show is really fucking good. You should watch it. Especially now.