Kim Kardashian is putting her own emotional turmoil on hold to care for husband Kanye West, who currently remains hospitalized after reportedly checking for exhaustion and sleep deprivation last week. Calling her new daily routine "not for the faint of heart," TMZ reported Wednesday that Kardashian is "now charged with Superwoman tasks" as she and the rest of the family await West's release.

Sources tell TMZ that Kardashian's day begins with giving "uninterrupted attention" to 11-month-old Saint and 3-year-old North as she "feeds, clothes, and nurtures" them. After getting the kids off to their "various appointments and activities," Kardashian then heads to the UCLA Medical Center to provide West with emotional support. While at the hospital, Kardashian comforts her husband and deals with various medical professionals.

Once she's made a quick trip back home to put the kids to sleep, Kardashian reportedly returns to the hospital each evening to be by West's side. Sources close to the Kardashians said Wednesday that Kim, who was robbed at gunpoint in Paris just last month, has remained "upbeat and strong" throughout her husband's hospitalization.

Kardashian was initially scheduled to make her first major public appearance since the armed robbery last week, attending Denise Rich's Angel Ball alongside Kris Jenner and the rest of the family to honor her late father. Upon West's hospitalization, however, Kardashian immediately rushed back to Los Angeles. "When she landed in New York, something was very wrong with Kanye," a source told Page Six. "She turned around and headed straight back to LA to be at his side."