Among the most satisfying byproducts of the Hamilton cast's impassioned message to Mike "Fetus Funeral" Pence was certain members of the alt-white claiming they would now be boycotting the show. As anyone who's tried to cop Hamilton tickets can attest, boycotting something that's sold out years in advance is a pretty hard thing to do. Lin-Manuel Miranda's award-winning Broadway smash is, to put it lightly, a confirmed pop culture phenomenon. But thanks to the ongoing Broadway at W New York series, December will bring a chance to catch Hamilton for the startlingly low price of $0.00:

Hamilton: An American Musical will hit the Living Room Dec. 4, with standard standing admission going for $0.00 and limited reserved seating going for the just-as-reasonable price of $20. Nicholas Christopher, Jasmine Cephas Jones, Syndee Winters, Hope Easterbrook, and additional Hamilton cast members are scheduled to be a part of the generous throwdwon.

Addressing the President-elect's demands for an apology following the cast's message to Pence during a recent chat with CBS This Morning, Brandon Victor Dixon kept it all the way 💯. "There's nothing to apologize for," Dixon said Monday. According to Dixon, the message was meant to start a national discussion. "Conversation is not harassment," he said. "It was the beginnings of a conversation, I hope, that we can continue to have."


Peep ticket info and more for the (free!) Living Room edition of Hamilton by clicking right here.