You can't get much cooler than the Prime Minister of Canada. After gracing the cover of a Marvel comic last month, Justin Trudeau has now landed on Vanity Fair's best-dressed men list. The American publication praised the PM for rocking fine tailored suits, and being able to kick back in a classic pair of blue jeans. This isn't the first time Trudeau has starred in a high-profile magazine. Last winter, both Justin and wife Sophie, were profiled in a Vogue spread.

Justin was able to join a pretty impressive group of dudes in Vanity Fair's list of best-dressed men. Some of the other standouts include Joe Biden, Brian Williams, and of course, David Beckham. The annual list was started all the way back in 1940, and has since become a cultural staple. If there was ever a universal guide to who's cool in the fashion world, this would certainly be it.

Let's hope that the honourable Prime Minister takes this hint, and doesn't decide to go shirtless again anytime soon. Actually, who are we kidding? The dude looks ripped, he can do whatever he wants.

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