Is Lindsay Lohan about to hit Hollywood with a full-on comeback campaign? Though it's sometimes easy to forget given the swath of headlines mentioning damn near everything else, Lohan has one hell of a catalog of cinematic bangers. In addition to the obvious classic Mean Girls, we should all also admit to regular repeated viewings of Freaky Friday, The Parent Trap, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. Recent years, however, haven't exactly followed the same formula for success.

But Lohan has now "set her sights" on another attempt at a career comeback, according to Page Six. Following her alleged split from Egor Tarabasov, Lohan was spotted at a birthday party for high-end jewelry store de Grisogono owner Fawaz Gruosi in Sardinia, Italy earlier this week. At the party, Page Six reports, Lohan spoke of her plans to start spending more time in Hollywood.

"She was telling people she is going to spend more time in Hollywood and on her comeback," a source told Page Six of Lohan's party discussions. This is excellent news, especially when you pair it with Lohan's recent tease of a similar comeback in that other industry she once totally dominated: music.

"I have to record another album for Universal Motown, and I will," Lohan revealed during a livestream chat with Mean Girls co-star Rajiv Surendra in June, according to Entertainment Weekly. Hell yeah.

To recap, that means we just might be getting more of this:

And also more of this:

Lohan herself seemed to fully co-sign these whisperings on Instagram Wednesday, teasing everyone with a screenshot of her listening to her sophomore album A Little More Personal

LiLo season approaching?