Good news for everyone who's strategically saved Lindsay Lohan's entire A Little More Personal (Raw) album to their offline playlist: she wants to give this whole music thing another go. The Scary Movie 5 star revealed her plans for a musical return during a recent live chat with one of her Mean Girls co-stars, Rajiv Surendra a.k.a. this dude:

"I have to record another album for Universal Motown, and I will," Lohan said, as first reported by Entertainment Weekly. "With that being said, my sister [Ali Lohan] is signed to EMI where she is recording a record." According to Lohan, now is the time to "respect her" in that lane. "I really admire her," Lohan said, summarizing her sister's voice as "like Etta James meets Adele."

Though Ali may be getting all the musical shine these days, Lindsay did confirm that another album was indeed something that's actually going to happen. "I love making music and I write every day," Lohan said.

For those not down with the Lohan discography, her last album was the aforementioned A Little More Personal (Raw), which featured the lone single "Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)." The year was 2005 and, if Wikipedia is to be trusted, at least part of the album was recorded inside Lohan's trailer on the set of Herbie: Fully Loaded, which is how you know it was an instaclassic:


What we can assume is now Michael Keaton's favorite album was preceded by Speak just one year earlier, featuring the song you refuse to admit you love: "Rumors." Despite not being written or recorded anywhere near the set of a Herbie movie, the track proved to be a hit. Maybe it was the co-writing powers of Cory Rooney, also known for his work with Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child.

Welcome back, Lindsay.